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2013 // Childrens, Comedy, Short Film, Student Film, CGI, Experimental


Dir: Dayle Sanders and Andriana Laskari

What is the film about?

‘Kinnaree’ is a short animation telling the story of a graceful bird woman creature who is about to perform her dance in the magical Himmapan forest. What she didn’t expect was that a dog-like creature wants to play and she gets annoyed at its presence.

What influenced it?

The story is inspired by Thai Mythology. The art direction stems from Buddhist & Lai Thai art as seen on the actual characters and the environment surrounding them.

A little background information...

Both of us are driven by fascinating cultures to produce work which explains the art direction of ‘Kinnaree’. As two ambitious students we decided to extend our animation throughout the whole last academic year. We challenged ourselves to animate dancing and quadruped characters as well as tell a clear short story. Although technically and creatively challenging we both learnt a lot about creating a short film from scratch and being part of a team. It was a great insight into our potential future as CG Artists.

How was the film made?

During the pre-production stage we used 2D based software like Photoshop to generate the character and environment concepts. The designs were then translated into 3D with the use of Autodesk Maya where the characters were modeled, rigged and animated. For their textures we used Photoshop and bump maps created in Autodesk Mudbox. The editing, post production effects and render passes were put together with Premier Pro and After Effects.

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