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La Planète Nombril

2017 // Comedy, Short Film, Digital 2D


Dir: Dan McHale

What is the film about?

A French-language animated cartoon made in San Francisco:
An astronaut journeys to a distant planet where the inhabitants spend a lot of time looking at hand-held devices.

What influenced it?

It seems that every time I make a film I think of 2001 at some point. What else, I wanted the feel of a TV opening credit sequence. And I did look specifically at the opening of Space Ghost, which I legitimately loved as a child.

A little background information...

Oh something about comments I heard from Europeans regarding the insularity of the United States. You know the self-obsession of Americans both individually and collectively. And I’ve wanted since I was small to do a science fiction film.

How was the film made?

I animated mostly in Toon Boom, painted backgrounds in Photoshop, composited in AE, routine stuff. Ah and I sang and composed the music using Garageband.

Winnie The Shit
@factory_create @skwigly Much appreciated 😊💙
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