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Laggy Band Ltd.

2013 // Comedy, Short Film, Cut Out, Digital 2D, Motion Graphics


Dir: Lee Daniels

What is the film about?

How to deal with the office bully…

What influenced it?

No direct influences as regards plot, the whole concept is basically just the disproportionate response of an underdog. There’s no moral tale, more just desserts!

A little background information...

This is the second instalment of a series of ‘short’ shorts I’m planning in this particular style.
I created my last short ‘Misadventure in Time’ in this visually stripped-back but smoothly animated style and it seems to have gone down well with the YT viewers. So there will be a few more to follow, hopefully more frequently as lesser production times allow.

How was the film made?

It was made entirely in Adobe CC. Specifically After Effects and Illustrator.
The style is a mix of flat 2D vector shapes created in illustrator and imported into a after effects as a 3D scene.

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