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2017 // Comedy, Drama, Short Film, Digital 2D


Dir: Alessandro Novelli

What is the film about?

“A new born light enters the world, but slowly begins to adapt, to fit in, conditioned by expectations, until the light fades away slowly and it’s too late to turn back to it’s true self.”

What influenced it?

The movie, graphically and technically is influenced by my 2 previous short films; The Guardian, 2015, and Contact, 2017. Also the concept is on the same line, Human growth.

A little background information...

I have made “Lights” to communicate an idea, a concept. It wants to be an input for a change or to see from a different point of view what is going on on our lives.

How was the film made?

The movie was made without support or production team, is an independent project, developed with a team of 2 people, and 1 sound designer/musician.

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