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2013 // Music Video, Short Film, Abstract, Cut Out, Pixilation, Sand, Stop Motion


Dir: Chopsy (Darren Robbie)

What is the film about?


Rather than try to tell a particular story I decide to animate the actual words, & in as many ways as possible (by the way, I love typography). I wanted to include every kind of ‘traditional’ model animation technique that I could within the framework of the film – from modelling clay balls to pixilating human hands & bodies, from animating food (the chopped peppers) to timelapse (the scene in the woods), from 2D drawn animation to moving sand, etc.

Basically, it’s meant to be a fun piece showcasing various methods of stop-frame animation!

What influenced it?

Gondry, Svankmajer, etc.

A little background information...

Basically, it’s meant to be a fun piece showcasing various methods of stop-frame animation!
The line came to me while pitching on some commercial or other & trying to explain what I loved about animation, & what was particularly hard with certain kinds of animation – trying to get that emotional connection out of a basically inanimate object. I think I was also attempting to explain to some agency people that, yes, I could animate a particular foodstuff (even though I didn’t have that on my reel ) because, guess what…I’m an animator!

How was the film made?

The whole thing was shot in camera using Nikon digital stills cameras (I really wanted to keep that certain ‘feel’ you get) with a bit of cleaning up in AfterEffects in post.

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