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Meg Shelton – The Forgotten Witch

2018 // Adult, Childrens, Tragedy, Educational Film, Informational Film, Short Film, Student Film, Collage, Digital 2D, Experimental, Stop Motion, Traditional 2D


Dir: Catherine Noone

What is the film about?

This is the 2nd in the ‘Forgotten Witch’ series, where I focus on animating poems and bringing to life the forgotten stories of real women convicted of Witchcraft. Meg Shelton was a woman from Lancashire in the 1600’s and was thought to be a witch – this animated poem tries to recreate her story and brings her to the forefront of peoples mind reminding us these were real events.

What influenced it?

For this project, I was really inspired by the stories and history behind the poem – the Lancashire history of witches is a rich one and I really wanted to remind people of the events and show the history through an animation.

A little background information...

I wanted to make another animation that bought to life the story of these forgotten innocent women, I feel like because these events happened so long ago they can easily be forgotten or not taken very seriously. This film was made to give these people almost a memorial and an honourable end.

How was the film made?

I used a mixture of 2D/3D/hand drawn and digital techniques for this project. I wanted to push the skills I already had and create interesting visual results. I used a method of placing human features over 3d models or 2d backgrounds and animating them. After Effects played a large part in this project as it is where I composited all of the different aspects of the project.

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