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2015 // Drama, Short Film, Student Film, CGI, Experimental


Dir: Jean-Baptiste Aziere, Delphine Delannoy, Simon Goeneutte-Lefevre, Edwin Leeds, Camille Roubinowitz

What is the film about?

On a desertic planet, the natives are running away from the menacing shadow of the night. Only one of them will brave the darkness to save his species from the shadows.

What influenced it?

We can not think about a specific influence. We had a lot of different influences because we were five directors on this project and we all brought our own world, our own influences, into the project. We made our best to take the best of them.

A little background information...

It is a school project.

How was the film made?

We made it in less than two months. It’s a 3D animation film. All the 3D work was made with 3DSmax, and the compositing on Nuke.

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