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Misadventure in Time

2013 // Comedy, Short Film, Digital 2D, Motion Graphics, Special Effects


Dir: Lee Daniels (LeeDanielsART)

What is the film about?

40 wasted years in 40 seconds…

What influenced it?

Every film that ever dared to tackle the awkward subject of time travel and the difficulties of loops, paradoxes and conundrums therein.

A little background information...

I wanted to make a stripped back, basic vector shape animation concentrating purely on character and comedy. All emotions and action in the piece are portrayed entirely in body movement of the faceless characters and carefully chosen audio.

How was the film was made?

It was made entirely in Adobe CC. Specifically After Effects and Illustrator.
The style is a mix of flat 2D vector shapes created in illustrator and imported into a after effects as a 3D scene.

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