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2018 // Documentary, Educational Film, CGI, Motion Graphics


Dir: Rok Predin

What is the film about?

When the Slovenian government wanted a beautiful piece of animation to promote their website for young people they contacted Trunk’s director Rok Predin. With a portfolio of diverse animated styles, for clients such as the Rolling Stones and Jaguar cars, he was the perfect director for the job. is a central information hub for Slovenian’s youth. The web portal delivers up to date information and news that covers a variety of topics of interest to those on the journey from early adolescence to adulthood. Supported by the Slovenian ministry of education, science and sport is a one-stop shop for young people finding places to stay, study, work, and live.

Rok created the film entirely in Cinema 4D, the animation beautifully and simply captures the energetic life of a young adult. As our characters moves from one place to another Rok has created a visual shorthand that brilliantly expresses those many contrasting environments. We move from the apartment, to the lecture hall, to the coffee shop, to the nightclub via a spinning cube that is reminiscent of Rubik’s iconic invention. The visual cues, Rubik transitions and palette were all gathered from the website ensuring the finished animation sits perfectly within their brand identity.

Bounded by the limited props and palette the finished animation is a master class in graphic communication. The resulting film looks very modern and fresh and therefore perfectly reflects the target audience. Once again Rok was able to work with composer Ivan Arnold who created a score that superbly matches the action, style and pace of the film.

Discussing the film Rok states, “Working on this piece was a lot of fun. The visual style fell into place very quickly once we decided on a concept. Although it looks simple we employed some not so simple techniques, including Expresso setups as well as motion capture data”.

What influenced it? website

A little background information...

Commision by the Slovenian ministry of education, science and sport

How was the film made?

Cinema 4D

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