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There Be Monsters

2013 // Childrens, Comedy, Horror, Short Film, Student Film, Digital 2D


Dir: Alessandra Laver

What is the film about?

A curious little girl searches for the monsters in her room, with her reluctant dog in tow. But is her imagination really getting the best of her?

What influenced it?

I’ve always admired children’s shows (and films) which treated their audience with a sense of maturity. Children can cope with more than we give them credit for, and media such as “Courage the Cowardly Dog”, “Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids” and “Frankenweenie” have proven this. I’ve also been a huge horror fan since I was child myself, especially the old creature-features; and my main goal was to create something for children while also paying homage to many of the classic horror films of the past.

A little background information...

The concept came to me in my second year of university. The original premise was on a much grander scale, acting as a pitch for a TV show or feature film. The short however gave me a chance to develop the films universe and characters further; allowing me to polish off the concept (plot, character relationships etc). It’s amazing to see how my idea has developed.

How was the film made?

The film was hand-drawn directly into Adobe Flash. Backgrounds were done in Photoshop while effects and editing were added using After Effects and Premiere.

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