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What is Nature Friendly Farming?

2016 // Adult, Childrens, Comedy, Documentary, Commercial, Educational Film, Informational Film, Short Film, Abstract, Digital 2D, Experimental, Motion Graphics, Traditional 2D


Dir: Tim Wheatley

What is the film about?

Hand drawn zoetropes tell the story behind Nature Friendly Farming.

75% of the UK is farmed land. Farming is an important habitat and a variety of wonderful flora and fauna have come to depend on it. However, in the last few decades, farmland wildlife in the UK has been struggling. Over half of our farmland species are declining, farmland birds such as turtle doves and tree sparrows have declined by over 90%, and 1/4 of arable plants are threatened with extinction in the UK.

The solution for bringing back farm wildlife from the brink lies in nature-friendly farming.

To find out more about Nature Friendly farming visit:

What influenced it?

Jim LeFevre
Dan Hayhurst

A little background information...

I made this film for the RSPB to highlight a growing issue that farmers and UK wildlife are facing.
The film uses a zoetrope technique to attempt to explain whats happening and what can be done to stop it.

How was the film made?

All the zoetropes in the film are hand drawn by Tim Wheatley, and spun by hand on a pottery wheel, they are filmed with a fast shutter speed to create the illusion of the creatures coming alive.

Rob Munday
@skwigly @thenfb @bonobostudio Great interview. Really insightful.
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Tragic Magic πŸ’€
@skwigly @thenfb @bonobostudio Watched it last night, what a wonderful piece of work. Such a great look to it.
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Dr. Bella Honess Roe
Stop motion + wool. The only that would make me happier is if it had chickens in it. Watch this - it's gorgeous.
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