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2016 // Comedy, Satire, Short Film, Digital 2D, Experimental, Motion Graphics


Dir: Adam Dennington

What is the film about?

A short comedy-thriller motion graphics animation, that juxtaposes the edge and style of a 1950s b-movie trailer with the absurd exaggeration of a trivial, yet identifiable subject.

What influenced it?

B-movie trailers and my own experience of working in a factory as my day job.

A little background information...

I conceived the idea for this project while working in my day job at a printing factory. The manager there is always walking around and sometimes when he comes along with the overtime list, the operators and workers disappear. One day of the workers came along and asked whether or not the manager had gone or not. When I asked why, he told me that he hides behind the machienes when spotting the manager because of not wanting to work extra hours and being put on the spot and feeling guilty when he says ‘no” upon being offered. I immediately thought what a unique idea it would be to take this concept, of which anyone can relate to and exaggerate it as a something extreme and dangerous, thus creating great comedy. I had wanted to experiment with creating some animation in the form of a classic b-movie trailer around this time but needed a good subject matter. However, once I conceived the overtime concept, I thought that this would make the best subject to intergrate in this b-movie trailer structure. The rest was history….

How was the film was made?

This project was made using a mix of motion graphics and 2D animation with Adobe Creative Suite.

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