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2013 // Comedy, Horror, Satire, Short Film, Special Effects, Stop Motion, Traditional 2D


Dir: Alex Amelines

What is the film about?

Count Macula is a member of an influential Pencilvanyan family of fountain pens. Their cosy world turns upside down when a horde of brutish biros swarm the city and force him to flee. During his exile, an eccentric old man helps Macula to develop powerful dark arts but when he returns, he discovers that the biggest change is yet to come.

How was the film made?

Every character was shot individually on a small green screen stage. When the footage was edited and keyed out, it was treated to look like stop-motion. Pens were mounted on mini-rigs made out of Lego, which made easy to repeat takes while keeping hands out of shot.

Gareth Cavanagh
RIP Bud Luckey one of the animation greats. Linking an interview he did with @skwigly a few years ago
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