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Pitt and Weem

2013 // Childrens, Short Film, CGI, Digital 2D


Dir: Nigel Cutler

What is the film about?

This is a trailer to a new short film (20 mins)

Pitt and Weem live on a rubbish dump. They have everything they need in the mountains of garbage. They also have a few things the don’t need. GULLS. See how the Rodents outwit the Avians.

What influenced it?

Bill Watterson
Nick Park

A little background information...

Pitt and Weem started off as characters for a illustrated book. But realising the best way to get anyone famous was to get them in the movies, I decided to have a go at making a cartoon. Five years later this is the result. (well a snippet of the result)

How was the film made?

characters animated in CG then composited over digitally painted backgrounds.
One man production from start to finish.
Royalty free stock music used
Full film (20 minutes) due to be sent to the various festivals in 2014.

Joanne Best
@skwigly @BAAwards Where will we able to see Poles Apart? It looks lovely.
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@pencilbandit @skwigly Cheers bro. Well done! ✌🏻
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Pencil Bandit
PLUS a big whoop whoop to all the other winners from Thursday's event, including the lovely @willanderson_ for 'Bes…
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Congratulations @HelenBrunsdon and all the winners
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