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2016 // Adult, Romance, Tragedy, Music Video, Traditional 2D


Dir: CitéNOIR

What is the film about?

This animation film deals with the theme of ephemerality and longing. It’s about the fragile things we hold precious, trying to hold on to, but who will inevitably fade away, vanish or break like porcelain.

What influenced it?

film noir i guess.
and the “Confusion Through Sand” animation was also a huge influence in artstyle, in terms of the vivid linework.

A little background information...

just finished some graphic novel stuff and had nothing to do, so I thought why not do an animated music video. I then realised it was pretty time consuming, but since I had already started I just kept going until it was finished. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the process, even if it took me nearly nine months to draw everything.

How was the film made?

The animation was pencilled on paper on a lighttable and then inked with brush and a light black ink and some gray inkwash, then arranged in a videosequencer frame by frame.

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