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The Robin

2013 // Childrens, Comedy, Short Film, Digital 2D, Traditional 2D


Dir: Tom Sanders and Will Long

What is the film about?

The Robin wants nothing more than to devour a seed ball for breakfast but two stubborn pigeons stand in his way. There’s nothing the Robin won’t do to reclaim that seed ball…nothing at all.

This is the first animated adventure from up and coming film makers Tom Sanders and William Long. Handmade in Hertford, England. Fly on over to to uncover more and follow us @therobinfilm

Directed, Animated and Designed by Tom Sanders –
Directed and Written by William Long
Music Composed by Jamie Long –
Sound Design by Jake Sanders
Coloured by Hannah Lott

What influenced it?

Our influences were vast and there were lots of varying styles that we looked at and had in mind. Too much to nail down.

A little background information...

This was a real test in seeing how good we could make a short film and we’re so happy to have achieved it.

How was the film made?

It was a real group effort with everyone including both our brother doing the music and sfx. All made using Flash, Photoshop and After Effects.

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