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2016 // Adult, Music Video, Digital 2D


Dir: Annalotta Pauly and Yan Dan Wong

What is the film about?

When the feeling of loss engulfs you; how do you find your way back?

What influenced it?

Vulfgang asked for an animation that could be open for interpretation and gave us a lot of creative freedom. We were considering a lot of different directions to take the animation in, but when we found out that A Yellow Spot is dedicated to his mother, we thought of themes of loss, searching, feeling incomplete, and finding peace to let go.

We thought of a narrative about a female character embarking on a journey to look for something or someone. As the musician, we also wanted to leave the story somewhat open to interpretation so we chose to keep the imagery vague.

A little background information...

Annalotta and I were commissioned to make a music video for a song called Semblance from the album A Yellow Spot by Canadian artist Vulfgang Rainstorme.

How was the film was made?

The bright colours scheme and the art design were inspired by the cover illustration for A Yellow Spot. The animation is fully animated in photoshop and composited in After Effect. At the end we also added scanned paper texture to mimic the look of the paper cut style of the cover art. Annalotta and I worked together online from Sweden and Malaysia respectively, and never met in person during the production. The whole production took two months from April until June.

Here is a dropbox link for album cover artwork and some other images from film:

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  • I’m a sucker for this melodic type of New Age music, but I quite like the metamorphic experience the music video was making with such striking imagery.
    Reminds me of the 2D animation aesthetics of Mirai Mizue’s Lost Utopia from 10 years ago, as featured in Chris Robinson’s recent Classic Animation Revisited article for AWN, but this has more modern digital inking applied to the piece.
    I enjoyed this music video very much, and look forward to seeing more material from Annalotta Pauly and/or Yan Dan Wong very soon.

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