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Shinigami’s Fatality Master

2016 // Action, Comedy, Horror, Music Video, Student Film, Digital 2D


Dir: Graham P. Ryan

What is the film about?

This is the dubstep/metal tale of when Igor and Neet Skeknarf’s monster invoked the wrath of Lovecraftian aliens by inadvertently throwing coffee at them.

What influenced it?

Ivor Wood; Young Frankenstein; Mary Shelley; H.P. Lovecraft; Invaders From Mars; Fifties science fiction; classic horror; 8-bit computing; Aardman animation; Paddington Bear; Chortlton & the Wheelies; 70s animated children’s television.

A little background information...

AS the final graphic project for my graphic design degree the artist Shinigami (Gaz Henderson) commissioned me to create an animated video for his music track.
I’ve always wanted to do a music video but I’ve never met an artist who was on my wavelength.
Next year is 200 years since Frankenstein was first published, and I aim to create more videos.

How was the film made?

It was made using Foame construction toy for the sets – as well as the interior of my son’s Octopod for the alien craft cockpit. These were photographed and the backgrounds removed using photoshop.
The characters were created using Adobe Illustrator and everything was brought together and animated using Adobe After Effects.

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