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2013 // Drama, Horror, Short Film, Student Film, CGI


Dir: Marcos Soria

What is the film about?

Skinink is the story of Elliot – a man who is unhappy with his appearance who decides to change the way he looks, but gets more than he bargained for when he visits a mysterious tattoo parlour.

What influenced it?

I have a very strong influence from Platige Image, I really like the style of them.
I try to avoid the style pure 3D

A little background information...

I wanted to make a short film a bit creepy and dark but sensitive in the background.
Used 3D like a base but painted all as i could, all the textures and some animation textures, try to mix 3d with 2d,

How was the film made?

I do all by myself, from the writing until post production.
was a huge work, I draw the history board, after I do the first animatic with premier an the second in 3d but very simple, just to know the shots.
Modeling, lighting, animation, and texturing with Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, and the plugin Shave & Haircut for the hair.
For the post production I did it with After Effects

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