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2009 // Comedy, Student Film, CGI, Digital 2D, Traditional 2D


Dir: Dean Wright

What is the film about?

‘A sky high comedic caper’

A window cleaning robot and suspicious character battle it out in a dramatic ‘wash off’.

What influenced it?

This film draws influence from both traditional 2D and 3D animations as well as comedy television shows. Big influences are The Iron Giant visually and Arrested Development for the writing style.

A little background information...

This was produced by myself and Todd Setter while in our final year at Bournemouth University and Glamorgan University respectively. It was made as our major project and produced over the course of 9 months. We are both huge fans of the film Iron Giant and wanted to replicated their 2D and 3D integrated style.

How was the film made?

This film was a story of two productions. The first being the 3D production and animation by myself and second the 2D production by Todd Setter. Suds and the environment are 3D whereas Ivan is traditionally hand drawn, cleaned, scanned then coloured digitally before compositing. It was a real challenge bringing all the elements together and getting the look development right became a project in itself: