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Slow Burning

2013 // Action, Music Video, Cut Out, Stop Motion


Dir: Orla McElroy

What is the film about?

Slow Burning introduces us to a man living a solitary and remote existence. A freak incident sweeps him into a situation where he must adapt to survive.

Directed, Made and Animated by Orla McElroy
Music by Finding Albert
Storyboard, 2d Animation and Post by Kat Michaelides
AE Assistant – Insa Burch

What influenced it?

Guy Pascal Vallez

A little background information...

I made the video for a friend’s band and it took 8 months to create outside of my day job.

How was the film made?

The music video was animated on a traditional multiplane table that I built from timber and shelving brackets. The puppets and sets were created out of white tissue paper, painted with watercolour to get the bright colours needed for the aesthetic. For the lighting I just used several clamp desk lamps and to minimise reflections, a polarise filter on the camera. It was all a game of trial and error!

It was my first foray into cut-out animation – a very fun way to animate. I hope to do a similar project again soon and address all of the things I learnt from this production in order to improve upon them!

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