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Soggy Flakes

2016 // Comedy, Short Film, Stop Motion


Dir: The Affolter Brothers

What is the film about?

In a world fed-up with sugar, carbs, and gluten, 3 out-of-work breakfast cereal mascots face the bitter taste of reality. Forming a support group to help them cope, the arrival of a former friend, whom they believe sold out, gives them a brand new perspective on the meaning of success.

A little background information...

We had an opportunity to submit a story pitch to Storyhive (a British Columbia/Alberta based film funding initiative) for their animation short film competition to receive funding to create the film. We submitted the story pitch for Soggy Flakes to receive funding and ended up winning the animation competition.

How was the film made?

It’s a stop motion short film done by camera with Dragon Stop Motion software, then compiled and composited withe Adobe After Affects.

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