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Stranger Danger

2016 // Musical, Music Video, Stop Motion


Dir: Designasaur

What is the film about?

Stranger Danger is a music video that I made for US based pop punk band, The Ambulance Review in 2017.

It took around six months, lots of plasticine, fun foam, several paper cuts and superglue skin peels to complete, and was one of the funnest projects that I have worked on to date.

Expect claymation, skateboarding and a few sweary words.

What influenced it?

Aardman, Don Hertzfeldt, The Simpsons, Jim Henson.

A little background information...

From the moment that I first got talking to The Ambulance Review, I was sold on this project. They were enthusiastic, excited and pulled out all the stops to ensure that I had plenty of time and creative freedom to bring their song to life. We bounced ideas off of each other really well and I’m really happy to have been able to work with them to produce something that both myself and the band are proud of.

How was the film made?

The set is made entirely from card and fun foam, and all of the characters and props are made from plasticine and sculpey. The film was shot in stop motion using DragonFrame and editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Dan McHale
My short is on Skwigly.
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