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The Lonely Socks Club

2009 // Childrens, Short Film, Student Film, Traditional 2D


Dir: Veronika Broscheid

What is the film about?

The Lonely Socks Club tells the story of Ruby, a lovely sock that has to find a new reason for living when she loses her partner sock in the washing machine. Like all odd socks, she ends up in the Lonely Socks Club. Her fellow socks there see no hope for a better life, but Ruby doesn’t give up that easily…

A little background information...

The Lonely Socks Club was my graduation film at the University of the West of England where I received an MA in Media (Animation).

How was the film made?

The animation was done in traditional 2D style, using felt tip pens for the characters and watercolours for the backgrounds. The compositing was done using After Effects.

Gareth Cavanagh
RIP Bud Luckey one of the animation greats. Linking an interview he did with @skwigly a few years ago
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