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The Lucky Lady

2013 // Drama, Horror, Short Film, Student Film, Cut Out, Digital 2D


Dir: Yasumine Mousa

What is the film about?

An animated adaptation of the first few minutes of “The Lucky Lady” (1946), a radio play by “Suspense” starring Fay Bainter and Elliot Lewis. It was originally written by Ruth Vital Nemick and was directed by William Spier.

What influenced it?

Ray Harryhausen’s fairy tale shorts.

A little background information...

I made this for my Motion Media class at Empire State College. I’m a big fan of stop motion, and if I had the time and means I would’ve loved to have worked in that medium. Instead I used all digital means, and tried to replicate a paper cut-out look and a stop motion effect.

Radio plays are one of my favorite forms of entertainment. Just by listening I’m immediately sucked into the world that’s described using only voice actors and sound effects. It’s easy to visualize great talent and this was one of those stories that was easy to conjure up in my mind.

How was the film made?

Drawn and animated in Adobe Photoshop CS4, painted in My Paint, and edited in Adobe After Effects.

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