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The Mouse’s House

2016 // Childrens, Short Film, Digital 2D


Dir: Peter Kellagher

What is the film about?

CelAction2D Animation based on the children’s book by reflexologist Susan Quayle with the same name.

This is about a Mouse trying to build a nest with different materials supplied by each of her friends.

Copyright Susan Quayle. All Rights Reserved.

What influenced it?

This film was made by the influence of 2D animation made by King Rollo which has used CelAction2D but also around on 2s instead of 1s. This made it sparkle more and look like it was part of the animation universe.

A little background information...

I made this video because a local reflexologist had heard that I was an animator and asked me to try and turn a book she had written into an animation. I decided I would to get some pay and try to learn of an new animation software I heard of but did not exactly know how to use.

How was the film made?

I brought a professional copy of CelAction 2D. I then took the illustrations from the book of each background and character, then edited them so they could be animated. Susan supplied me with the soundtrack and voiceover for me to sync the animation with. I worked on the animation for about 15 months, due to both of us being busy with other jobs.

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