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The Rising

2012 // Drama, Student Film, CGI


Dir: Tuhin Mukherjee

What is the film about?

A story about an old man who has been crippled by age now wants to leave his wheel chair and stand up on his feet but it is not so easy for him to overcome his weakness. He gathers his strength from his past victories , back in the time when he used to be a daring rock climber. The moments from his past help him stand up again on his feet and through his struggle he finally emerges victorious once again.

What influenced it?

The original story of 'The Rising' was written by a fellow team member, it was influenced by rock climbing and a lot inspirational music . The main motive of the story was to invoke strength and encouragement to achieve ones goals however huge or minimal they might be.

A little background information...

This film was made by a team of students including me . We share the same passion for animation and want to share our thoughts and ideas through this beautiful medium. This film was made specially for an Inter-college contest but we want to share it worldwide hoping people will like our work.

How was the film made?

This Film was made by a team of 7 students using softwares such as Autodesk Maya, adobe after effects and adobe premiere . The whole film was developed at the institute known as Arena Animation Chowringhee in India, Kolkata. The Rising is a bonafide student film.
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