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The Thing In The Distance

2009 // Comedy, Horror, Short Film, Digital 2D


Dir: Elliot Cowan

What is the film about?

A strange paranoid tale of obsession and hot tea.

What influenced it?

Tove Jansson, mostly

A little background information...

This was the last Boxhead & Roundhead film I made before being funded for the feature.
Like the rest of the shorts, I had an itch in my head and needed to get it out of my system so I could go on with my life.

How was the film made?

Mostly on an old PC laptop when I had the time.

Rob Munday
@skwigly @thenfb @bonobostudio Great interview. Really insightful.
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Tragic Magic πŸ’€
@skwigly @thenfb @bonobostudio Watched it last night, what a wonderful piece of work. Such a great look to it.
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Dr. Bella Honess Roe
Stop motion + wool. The only that would make me happier is if it had chickens in it. Watch this - it's gorgeous.
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