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Top Gun Tipler (n00bs 8/20)

2013 // Action, Comedy, Satire, Short Film, Digital 2D


Dir: tea&cheese

What is the film about?

Jonny Karnage gives Tipler an important mission… in a sort-of-semi-tribute to the late great Tony Scott

Jonny Karnage – Matt Ellis
Tipler – Pat Burtscher
Monkey – Nicolas Janel

*EVERYTHING ELSE, including music, made by tea&cheese*

What influenced it?


A little background information...

“n00bs: THE FUNNIEST WEB SERIES by tea&cheese” n00bs follows a group of potty mouthed video game characters in REAL LIFE!

Fueled by 1-UPs, infinite lives and unlimited ammo the n00bs constantly find themselves at the centre of (mis)adventure!

The series was born from our award winning short, 8-BIT Waterslide in REAL LIFE!

Collectively the series has been featured on Comedy Central, Canal+, Encounters Short Film Festival, Babelgum’s BOFF & ANIMATRON and is about to be pitched to TV networks in the U S of A !

How was the film made?

tea&cheese are multiple award winning film makers Liam Tate & Jamie Stanton. We have written and directed comedy shorts for Channel 4, sold our soul for clients like O2 and Protest Clothing, and we’ve even pitched an animated TV show in Hollywood!

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