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The Troggs Tapes

2011 // Adult, Comedy, Short Film, CGI


Dir: Ronald McNamara

This film may not be safe for the workplace

What is the film about?

WARNING : This video contains very strong language throughout.

In a recording studio somewhere in England, 1971, The Troggs are experiencing ‘musical differences’ as they try to record their new album… This is an infamous recording in the music industry, and this is just a little overview of the full 12 minute version.

A little background information...

Made with an early version of the free animation tool Muvizu, this was just made as an experiment in directing overlapping dialogue. And cos it’s funny 🙂

アニメというと、コマ撮りが普通のアニメと同じぐらい出てくるのが、さすが アードマン・アニメーションズの国ですな。
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