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Song of the Sea – Trailer

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Every now and then a trailer gets released and all you can say is… Wow! Your jaw drops and you stand (or sit) overwhelmed at its sheer beauty.

Cartoon Saloon have finally given us a sneak peek of their new film Song of the Sea – and what masterpiece it looks set to be. From the studio that bought us The Secret of Kells, the film is based on old Irish folklore about mysterious creatures called Selkies, who live as seals in the sea and change into humans on land. Following two children Ben and his sister Saoirse we embark on a fantastical journey to return to their home in the sea.




By the trailer alone this world unfolds as a gloriously rich environment, with a thin delicate line bringing characters to life who are instantly intriguing to the eye. The lighting and backgrounds further fuel the want for more. Its gentle use of curves within its design, especially noticeable in the dog, gracefully lead the eye and the art director here is certainly someone that can push design whilst keeping us enveloped with a tantalising gist of the story. Pure harmony.




This is most definitely a film to keep your peepers peeled for. It took a while between initial concepts being made public and the teaser so let’s hope its not long until we see it for real, in all its jaw dropping quality. Until then we will have to wait until the film is released theatrically to see if its mesmerising design can hold a story and engage an audience for a feature length but for now lets watch that gorgeous trailer one more time.

Follow director Tomm Moore and the progress of Song of the Sea on his blog here 

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