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This is Not Real by Gergely Wootsch

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Can you describe your short and what is it about?

The short is about Charley, a young boy, his chimerical journey to conquer the Himalayas and an eventual all-defining conclusion.

Who or what inspired you?

When studying my BA I was living in Middlesbrough, a post-industrial town in North-England. It is heavily industrialised but surrounded by the beautiful Yorkshire landscape. I think this experience had to do with making This is Not Real. When developing the script I looked at photographs I took there and also other narratives I liked, such as Ken Loach’s Kes and Schlesinger’s Billy Liar (there is even a still from Billy Liar there if you look closely!).


Your work has some similarities to David O’Reilly’s work. Was this intentional?

Uh..oh… Yes and no. The look is surely more similar to David O’Reilly’s work than I would have liked it to be. If I was to do it again, I would draw a bigger contrast.  However, the choice of style and look was always a conscious decision to reinforce the protagonist’s world, that stripped down digital look felt appropriate.  As it happens, David O’Reilly is very good at giving you just that.  Also cutting rendering out from the workflow enabled me to deliver a 7 minutes long computer animated film.

In the end I don’t mind think I mind the comparison.. I always had a grudge against polished CGI.

How long did it take to create?

Around 9 months all in all.

What software did you use to create it? Describe the process.

It was all animated in Softimage, and composited in After Effects.

How many people were involved in the project?

There were many great people at the Royal College of Art who provided valuable feedback throughout the making of the film.  I also had the luck of having a talented and enthusiastic sound designer working with me, and a few people helping me with the animation (thanks Eamonn, Vincent, Ben!).

Has it won any awards?

  • Best Sound Design – British Student Film Festival, 201
  • Paul Berry Animation Award – Exposures, 2012
  • Best Animated Film – Norwich Film Festival, 2012
  • Animation Runner-Up – Anchorage Film Festival, 2011

What are your next plans?

I’m currently working on another short film due to be finished this November this year with Beakus.

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