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TV Projects Of The Future: Part 2

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Continuing on from TV Projects Of The Future: Part 1 we have three more projects that were pitched at this year’s Cartoon Forum which we hope to see on our TV screens in the next couple of years.

The following projects also give a glimpse into the benefits of the forum and some tips on pitching from this year’s top producers…

Science of Botheration


About the show
Imagine that behind every rebel lock of hair, every sock inexplicably gone MIA, every quarrelsome table corner, indeed, behind each and every single niggly daily hassle, strange creatures are in fact lurking: the Botherzoars.

The Science of Botheration is the first cartoon documentary to reveal the existence of these mysterious little creatures to the world.

The series is 39 x 5’ / animation and live action / HD.

About the production studio
In April 1998, Jean-François Le Corre and Valérie Malavieille created the production company Vivement Lundi !

For fourteen years the company has been produced more than 90 documentaries, animated programmes and short films for French (France 2, France 3, France 5, Canal+, Planète, Ciné Cinéma, Arte, TPS) and international (NHK, YLE, TG4, RTE, RTBF, RUV, RAI, TSR, BeTV, Radio Canada, AVRO, TCM USA…) channels. Its animated films and series won more than two hundred awards and are regularly screened in prestigious festivals such as Clermont-Ferrand shortfilm festival, Festival du film d’animation d’Annecy, SICAF Seoul, Ottawa Animation Film Festival or Sundance Film Festival.

In 2011, the company produced Pok & Mok, its first long animated series (78 x 7’) and won a prestigious French award – the Procirep Prize for the best TV producer, Animation category.

Regularly involved in co-production with Belgium and Switzerland, Vivement Lundi ! is proud to be co-producer of the short Belgian animated film Oh Willy… awarded with the Cartoon d’Or 2012.


How long has “Science of Botheration” been in development?
The authors started to work on this project 4 years ago. The project was awarded by the CNC and they received support to write the series. But, Isabelle Lenoble directed the series Pok and Mok (that we coproduced with Gaumont Animation and France Télévisions) and she focused on the production between 2011 and May 2012. Isabelle and Julien Leconte took over the writing of the project this year, in February, and we pitched it for the first time at Cartoon Forum Toulouse in September.

What stage are you at with the project?
The pitch at Toulouse has been a real success and we received many interests from broadcasters and distributors.

At this time, we have a strong interest from a major French broadcaster and we hope to sign a developpement agreement this year.

What outcomes were you hoping for from pitching at Cartoon Forum, and was it a success?
It was the first public presentation of “Science of Botheration”. Then, it was a very important moment for the project. We had around twenty interests from broadcasters before the pitch and the Cartoon Forum crew was optimistic for the project. During the “croissant show”, the teaser has been well received. The audience laughed at all the jokes! But we didn’t expect so many people at the pitch – the room was crowded.

In 2011, at Sopot, we had a good Cartoon Forum with “Dimitri”, a pre-school series in stopmotion. But this year it was even stronger!

What are you still looking for?
Actually, we are working to secure the French part of the budget that will be around 1.5 million. We are confident.

We have to find the best option (and the good partner) for the international coproduction.

If you could give one tip to a producer who is going to pitch at Cartoon Forum, what would it be?
You have to go to Cartoon Forum with a good teaser, especially if your company is a small one as Vivement Lundi!. And in 45 seconds, it’s possible to mix creativity and an effective presentation of the concept of the series.



About the show
CONCEPT: The original idea is really simple. Laughter is contagious.  Gigglebug’s TV series is about contagious laughter, sharing fun, and positive emotions helping us overcome obstacles. The show is targeted for 2-5 year olds and families. In addition to the TV series, we also connect with our audience through transmedia, such as an addictive tickling game for touch screen devices. The foundation for stories of Gigglebug are about testing your boundaries, recognizing emotions and the contagiously positive power of laughter.

SETTING: Gigglebug is a tiny creature, who is particularly good at laughing. He is an eternal optimist without a bad bone in his body. He lives in Greengown Forest, a quirky old moss forest which has grown over an amusement park that used to be in it’s place. The forest  is home to lots of young animals as well as the unusual keepers for the forest, the Pinecones and the Raisins.  As Gigglebug explores the forest around him, he meets new friends who each have their own way of getting grumpy. Luckily, little Gigglebug’s ability to think positive helps his new friends laugh out loud, and overcome the challenges that were making them grumpy in the first place.

About the production studio
Gigglebug is produced by Gigglebug Entertainmentv, a start-up dedicated to make games and stories that spread giggles. The founders of Gigglebug Entertainment and the creators of the show, Joonas Utti & Anttu Harlin, are also co-founders of the animation studio, Anima Boutique in Helsinki, which has produced all the animation for the first season of 10 x 5mins.

Gigglebug Entertainment
Gigglebug Entertainment’s mission is to produce games and entertainment content that will make kids and parents smile more. Our first product is the Gigglebug App for iPad & iPhone, where kids can tickle grumpy animals to spread laughter. The same idea is continued in Gigglebug’s TV series, which consists of 5 minute episodes where positive thinking helps Gigglebug and his friends overcome obstacles. We think that spending time laughing together is one of the best feelings in the world!

Anima Boutique Oy
At Anima Boutique we produce images and videos that tell stories. Our craft is characters and animation. That magic of breathing life into an inanimate object through animation. Or the magic of illustrating an image or a character that’s just downright stupid, brilliant, beautiful, funny or sad. The power of characters is in that they evoke emotions and they are the cornerstones for story. We collaborate with agencies, brands and businesses to tell their stories. We are also engaged in developing new formats, techniques and styles for storytelling in digital media. We’re always open to talk about new things so feel welcome to get in touch.


How long has “Gigglebug” been in development?
The original idea about making entertainment based on cheering up and contagious laughter came in 2011. The process of developing lovable and charming characters that embody this spirit has been a 2 year process. And we are sure the process will still continue, as we learn more and more about little Gigglegbug and his friends.

What stage are you at with the project?
10 x 5min completed – we are now selling it to a few broadcasters.

But more importantly, financing season 2 (52 x 5min) for the global audience. There are some wonderful improvements to the storytelling and animation in season 2. We are 50% there with financing and currently doing the followup from Toulouse and MIPCOM.

What outcomes were you hoping for from pitching at Cartoon Forum, and was it a success?
We wanted to tell the broadcasters where we come from, what’s our own story, what our show is all about and really illustrate how the animated series feels like in season 2. We felt that telling a whole episode through a storyboard was a good way of demonstrating this and the feedback was fabulous.

What are you still looking for?
Cash! And to learn more from great partners about 360.

If you could give one tip to a producer who is going to pitch at Cartoon Forum, what would it be?
To structure your pitch well, starting by identifying what is your exact objective and who is it in specific they you are pitching to.


Puffin Rock

H_Puffin Rock - 2

Click here to watch the Puffin Rock teaser.

About the show
Puffin Rock is an animated pre-school series for 3- 5 year olds set on a wild and beautiful Irish island inhabited by Puffins.

The show focuses on Pip, a charismatic and adventurous young puffling who lives in a burrow with Mama and Papa Puffin and her ever-curious little brother, Baba.The puffins share the island with a diverse array of sea, sky, land and underground creatures – lots of them friends, but a few of them foes!

About the production studio
Cartoon Saloon is an Irish Animation Studio based in Kilkenny. It was recently nominated for an Academy Award (R) for Best Animated Feature film. It began as an informal partnership between a group of animators brought together by Paul Young and Tomm Moore in 1999. Cartoon Saloon has since grown into a multi-award winning animation and illustration design studio. The studio works with many diverse, international Clients such as Disney, BBC and Cartoon Network.


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