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6 New UK Animated Series Being Pitched at CARTOON Forum 2017

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September 2017 will see animators, creators, producers and broadcasters flock to the French city of Toulouse for this year’s Cartoon Forum event – the co-production platform for European animation series.

Out of the 83 projects being pitched (from 23 countries), this year there are 6 projects from the United Kingdom; 3 of them as sole UK projects and the other 3 as co-productions with Iceland, South Korea and Italy. Four of the UK series being pitched are aimed at the pre-school audience (4-6), with the other two aimed at older children (6-12).

We take a look at the 6 projects that will be on show in Toulouse next month – let us know what you think in the comments below…


Format: 26 episodes x 7 mins
Audience: Pre-school 4-6
Technique: 2D Computer
Producer: Lawrence Hadley Buck (United Kingdom)

Looking at the world differently by finding adventure in the everyday. E​lle​ is buzzing with creativity. That’s why she loves visiting Granny’s windmill. In every episode, Elle finds a new object and employs her natural creativity to look at it differently. By her side at all times is ​Everest, a dusty old toy elephant, who springs to life as Elle journeys into her imagination. Wherever she travels, Elle has the perfect costume just waiting in the chest for her. Elle continues to use her on-the-spot creativity to help the colourful cast of characters she meets.


Format: 26 episodes x 11 mins
Audience: Pre-school 4-5
Technique: 2D Computer
Producer: Lawrence Hadley Buck (United Kingdom) & Zocotoco (Italy)

Ginny, Ham and PC: three kids looking for adventure in a far too quiet small town. But one day Essen, Ginny’s long-lost grandfather, returns with a secret. He is the last of the Food Wizards, magical warriors saving people… with food! But the Toxins, the Monsters of Metabolism, are back as well… and Essen needs help. Through his Food Medallion, Ginny, Ham and PC will be zapped inside people’s bodies, from the brain to the muscles, fighting Toxins with the right food, used well. Every trip to The Inside will be a surreal battle: Food Warriors vs. Health Enemies! The biggest adventure begins… and it’s inside us. Once Upon a Time… Life meets Harry Potter, drawn by a Neapolitan Miyazaki!


Format: 52 episodes x 11 mins
Audience: Pre-school 4-6
Technique: 2D Computer
Producer:  Paper Owl Films (United Kingdom)

On Sunny River Bank, Happy the Hoglet is learning how to turn up his Happy feelings and deal with the Growlie Grumbily ones! With a diverse set of friends, who often see things quite differently, there are mad cap adventures and side splitting antics as the gang negotiate the twists and turns of a kids’ world. Pre-schoolers have a lot to figure out – in the world around them and with each other. But there’s nothing like a laugh and Happy & Co. are discovering the power of positive thinking… even on frustrating days. After all, when we create Happy feelings there is more happiness in the world to go around. Be Happy!


Format: 52 episodes x 11 mins
Audience: Children 6-11
Technique: 2D Computer
Producer: Collingwood & Co (United Kingdom)

Comedy, action-adventure series for 6-11s. On his 12th birthday, computer geek Thorgar is transported sideways in time from modern day Earth to the mythical land of Castavia. Believing he’s an orphan, Thorgar discovers this weird, wonderful place is his homeland – and he has a kid sister! He was hidden on Earth until the time was right for his return as The Saviour of Castavia! For a tech-loving kid used to living his life in the fantasy world of computer games, Castavia offers a reality check, hurling him into sword and sorcery adventures with real dragons, trolls, fairies, castles and warrior companions! Now Thorgar has family and his actions have consequence! Is he really up to being a “saviour”, or is he punching above his weight?


Format: 52 episodes x 11 mins
Audience: Children 7-12
Technique: 2D Computer
Producer: Blink Industries (United Kingdom) & Tulipop ehf. (Iceland)

“Tulipop” is a fun and exciting universe where nothing is what it seems. The absurd and surprising Tulipop island has volcanoes, mountains, beaches, the dark deep Forgotten Forest, and three moons. Its inhabitants are Tulipoppers: quirky, flawed, loveable characters who include Gloomy, an adventurous and hyperactive mushroom girl; and Fred, a furry, smelly forest creature who looks scary but has a gentle soul. The island itself is also a character: it can hinder or help the inhabitants, and each location might not be exactly where you last left it! Tulipop is a world of unexpected situations, comedy and adventure.


Format: 52 episodes x 7 mins
Audience: Pre-school 4-5
Technique: 2D Computer
Producer: Wandering Eye Pictures (United Kingdom) & Taktoon Enterprises (South Korea)

Linda lives in a typical little town on the water’s edge. There are typical shops, typical people, with typical day to day happenings. People go about their everyday typical business here. Except Linda. Linda isn’t typical at all. Linda lives in a Curiosity Shop which is a playground like no other. An old cuckoo clock can turn Linda’s day into one great big adventure ﹣ being a Cuckoo of course! One day she’s going to rule the world. But not today, today she’s taking a trip in a hot air balloon to see her friends in the clouds. Ruling the world will have to wait for another day.

We wish all the UK projects every success and look forward to following up after the pitching is complete! Watch this space…

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