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WATCH: Mend and Make Do by Bexie Bush

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Today sees the online release of Mend and Make Do the graduation film directed by Bexie Bush which you can watch below.

The documentary film was created at the NFTS and retells the story of Lyn Schofield, who regales the viewer with the story of her life from the comfort of her abode as her home comes to life unveiling the comedy, drama and tragedy along the way.

Animated using a mix of pixelation and stop motion the sets were life size, taking the audience through time and into the moment through a mixture of Bush’s innovative animation and Schofields’s engaging storytelling. Read our full interview with Bexie here.

The film has screened at over 70 festivals and events including Annecy, Zagreb and Edinburgh and has won awards at 30 of those including The British Animation Awards, Monstra and Palm Springs.

Bush is now working on The Rumour Mill to tell the story of John Smedley’s Factory on the Derwent Valley River where she is making the film from within the factory itself.

You can hear Bexie Bush on The British Animation Award Skwigly Animation Podcast Special where she won the public choice award in 2016

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