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Along with the presentation of projects at the 28th edition of Cartoon Forum, the event will host the ceremony of the 3 Cartoon Tributes, which are professional awards for the most positive and influential broadcaster, investor/distributor and producer of the year. The Award Ceremony will take place on Thursday 14 September, during lunch.

France, Germany & Italy lead the 2017 Cartoon Tributes Nominees

> Broadcaster of the Year
KRO-NCRV | The Netherlands

> Investor/Distributor of the Year
BETA FILM | Germany

> Producer of the Year

The aim of the Cartoon Tributes is to reward outstanding achievements, companies or personalities that have had a positive and dynamic influence on the TV animation industry over the past year. A total of 13 companies and personalities are among the nominees for these awards, French, German and Italian companies coming up most, with 4 nominations for France and 2 for Germany and Italy.

For France:

  • France Télévisions, first partner and investor of the European animation sector, supports the production of more than fifteen French TV series and 3 animated movies every year with French independent studios. The group broadcasts on its channels over 5500 hours of youth programmes and 4200 hours online, throughout the year. (“Kiwi”, “The Jungle Bunch”, “MR. Carton”, “Paprika”, among others)
    The group is selected as Broadcaster of the Year.
  • About Premium Content (APC) is an independent company serving content creators of the film & TV industry, with a focus on fiction, animation and high-end documentary and factual series. APC Kids is APC’s specialised set-up for kids’ content and is operated in partnership with Lionel Marty. (Its actual TV series are: “Kid-E-Cats”, “Memories of Nanette” and “Zoli & Pokey” and its 2018 TV series: “Roger”, “The Yugo Channel” and “Fox & Hare”.)
    APC is nominated as Investor/Distributor of the Year.
  • Dandelooo is a young creative company dedicated to the development, production and international distribution of original, ambitious and educational animation (short, long or series formats). The company follows a transmedia logic like the projects “Chico Chica Boumba”, “Moutcho and Pitrouille” and “Houdini”.
    At the Cartoon Forum this year, its project “Stinky Dog” will be pitched.
    Dandelooo is competing as Producer of the Year.
  • Studio 100 Animation is an animation production company. Classics like “Maya the Bee”, “Vic the Viking” and “Heidi” have been remade in CGI and broadcast in over 130 countries. Its project “Galactic Agency” will be pitched at the Cartoon Forum this year.
    Studio 100 Animation is selected as Producer of the Year.

For Germany:

  • BETA FILM is one of the world’s leading international distributors of TV license rights with customers in over 165 countries. Beta Films, founded in 1959, has an one-of-a-kind catalogue with over 15,000 hours or 4,000 titles in every available format and genre. It includes differents labels next to Beta Kids & Family (children’s and youth programmes) working in the fields of production, distribution, co-production and license rights. (“Papa Löwe” series, “Letters from Felix”, “Fennel Vennel 19”, “The Adventures of the Young Marco Polo”.)
    Beta Film is vying for Investor/Distributor of the Year.
  • WunderWerk is one of the leading German production companies in the field of children’s animation features and series. The scope of work covers all areas of film production from developing ideas and concepts to script writing, production and post-production. The company acquires bestselling brands, develops new content, engages in co-production and co-financing activities. (“Letters from Felix”, “Moonbeam Bear”, “Princess Lillifee”, “The Adventures of the Young Marco Polo”, “The Ogglies”, …)
    Its projects “Brothership – The Adventures of a Legendary Pirate” and “Millie” will be pitched at the Cartoon Forum this year.
    WunderWerk is selected as Producer of the Year.

For Italy:

  • Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI) is the national public broadcasting company of Italy. It is one of the main European players in the production and co-production of cartoons. Most of RAI’s animated series are produced in collaboration with Italian independent studios and with European partners. It has 2 free-to-air channels, RAI Yoyo for children and RAI Gulp for kids, and a growing presence in digital platforms. (“Skeleton Story”, “Identikat –  Miro the Cat”, “Marco Polo”, “Bestiacce”, “Max & Maestro”, …)
    RAI is vying for Broadcaster of the Year.
  • Atlantyca is a trans-media entertainment company with Production & Distribution, Licensing, Publishing and Foreign Rights sales divisions. (“Geronimo Stilton”, “Dive Olly Dive!”)
    Atlantyca is selected as Investor/Distributor of the Year.

Also nominated for Broadcaster of the Year:

  • KRO-NCRV (The Netherlands) is the biggest broadcaster in the Netherlands mainly with best-viewed and rated programmes and animation (co)productions. (“Miffie”, “Tumblies”, “Picnic with Cake”, and in development: “Fox and Hare”and “Huggleboo”)
  • Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) (Switzerland) is a Swiss public broadcasting organization, active in co-productions of fiction, in the fields of cinema, television and web. (“Super Caribou”, “Identikat”, “Alice & Lewis”, “The Agricultural Fair”, “Mush Mush and the Mushables”, “Ralph and the Dinosaurs”, “Belle & Sebastian”, “Mirettes investigates”, “My Life as a Zucchini”)

Also nominated for Investor/Distributor of the year:

  • Imira Entertainment (Spain) is a leading Spanish company in the production and international distribution of animation and fiction, series and films, for kids, specialized in digital contents. The company distributes a catalogue of over 3,000 half hours of premium kids animation and live action series and films.
    (“Gummy Bear”, “Cam & Leon”, “Totally Spies”, “Little Princess”, “Lucky Fred”, “Lola & Virginia” and “Saari”.)

Also nominated for Producer of the Year:

  • Gigglebug Entertainment (Finland) is an animation IP studio which creates, develops and produces positive kids content with multi-platform distribution. The company uses a 360 approach for building brands, including apps, books, music and TV. (“Gigglebug”)
    Its project “Best & Bester” will be pitched at the Cartoon Forum this year.
  • Kavaleer Productions (Ireland) is a Dublin based animation studio provider of animation, interactive and design services. (“The Milliner”, “Hasan Everywhere”, “Deady”, “Alwa and the Trolls”, “Dougie Noir”, “Boj”, “Kiva Can Do”)

All professionals attending the Cartoon Forum will vote on site for their favourite nominee in the 3 categories.
The award ceremony of the Cartoon Tributes is hosted by the Mairie de Toulouse and Toulouse Métropole.

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