WATCH: ‘The Inverted Peak’ by The Brothers McLeod now online

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WATCH: ‘The Inverted Peak’ by The Brothers McLeod now online

This week sees the online release of The Inverted Peak, a largely-improvised film collaboration between award winning animators The Brothers McLeod and sound designer and composer Tom Angell.

The film earned itself an Honorable Mention at last year’s Manchester Animation Festival with the jury describing it as “A dystopian visual mantra driven by an inventive, anarchic soundtrack. A disturbing and challenging work.”

The Inverted Peak explores a quasi-mystic quest for enlightenment, with a desire for transcendence from unseen masters. Evolving from the unconscious of three minds, it asks the question, who is in control?

Previous projects by the directorial duo include the BAFTA-nominated/Webby award-winning Art Sparks for Tate Kids and the BAFTA-winning Quiff & Boot, as well as a rich filmography of their own work including Scoop!, 365, Codswallop, Phone Home and the upcoming animated travelogue Marfa.

Skwigly spoke with Tom Angell about his involvement in The Inverted Peak during our MAF 2016 live podcast (watch below):

You can also go behind the scenes in The Making of The Inverted Peak:

For more on the work of The Brothers McLeod visit

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