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LOVEbox Animation

2015 // Musical, Music Video, Abstract, Collage, Cut Out, Experimental


Dir: Jeremy Warder

What is the film about?

‘LOVEbox Animation’ is a short music video, which takes the viewer through a series of surreal landscapes.
Set in a desert at night we encounter singing oil wells crying tears of oil, as if the desert is being drained of it’s blood. The post industrial landscape is dominated by a series of spirits dancing upon it’s sands, ghosts of mankind inhabiting the deserted land.

The song it’s self is reminiscent of 1980’s New Wave pop and is upbeat and harmonious acting as a contrast to the dark satirical visuals.

What influenced it?

Jan Svankmajer, 1980s animated music videos, German expressionism, apocalyptic cinema.

A little background information...

I wrote a song called ‘LOVEbox (show me whatcha got). Whilst writing the song I had visuals in my head of oil running out in the desert and the oil wells singing out crying tears of oil. All the rest of the imagery just followed on from that.

How was the film made?

By using a series of paper cut-outs and filming them on a rostrum camera in a studio set-up. This way I got a more textural look to the cut-outs and less slick then what After Effects would produce. I filmed hours of footage then fitted this with the energetic track, which produced a fast-paced edit.

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