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Ralph and Jimmy

2009 // Comedy, Satire, Educational Film, Informational Film, Digital 2D


Dir: Jacob Stålhammar

What is the film about?

Jimmy’s a young boy who meets a new friend: Ralph. Ralph’s a good listener – and Jimmy’s got a lot to talk about. At times Jimmy might seem slow, but he’s really a good kid.
We all need friends. And art.

What influenced it?

Dada, Max Ernst

A little background information...

I’v seen Boys Beware, the Sid Davis “social guidance film”, and – ahum – thought it would be funny to take the soundtrack and provide new pictures, perhaps slightly altering the original message. Loads of Sid Davis’ stuff was available at internet archive as creative commons, so then I just had to draw…

How was the film made?

Wacom-in-Flash, water-color backgrounds, scanned and placed in Flash (which almost crashed my old Flash), exported pieces to QT, then cut in Final Cut.

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