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2016 // Childrens, Comedy, Sport, Short Film, Digital 2D


Dir: Michael Driver, Emma Ehrling

What is the film about?

A group of monstrous characters compete in olympic games.

A little background information...

This film is a collaboration between illustrator Michael Driver and I. Having met at Kingston university and worked together on previous projects, such as a short for the Royal Opera House and a trailer for Vintage Books, we decided to make a film together purely for fun. The purpose of making this film was to explore design and animation.

How was the film was made?

Using the setting of a big sport events like the olympics as the starting point, Michael and I started working in a loose and unrestricted manner, letting character and animation lead the direction of the film. Michael designed characters and backgrounds while that I then animated. The biggest challenge, but also the most fun part of this was animating creatures that can’t move in conventional ways. Michael would design characters that had 6 legs, characters that had legs pointing in 4 different directions, characters that have arms twice as long as their legs and so on, and I would have to really challenge myself and think “what’s the best way for this creature to move, and if he was competing in the olympic games, what would be their sport”.
It was unlike anything I have animated before and we both had a lot of fun working on something that had no restrictions other than the setting of a sports arena.

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